Thursday, 22 May 2014

Pure X Continue To Progress Their Sound With Latest Album 'Angel'

Pure X’s sound has changed drastically since they first began. Initially they were drone rock, thick in sound, low, slow and dense. Whilst this wasn’t a bad thing, their second album ‘Crawling Up The Stairs’ was their first step away from their original sound from debut album ‘Pleasure’. Angel is another step in this direction, making the album appaeal to a broader variety of listeners. The album feels more like a love story in a sense, tracks like ‘Livin’ The Dream’, ‘Heaven’ and ‘Starlight’ are clean sounding and great examples of good song-writing. This may upset some of their original fans but to a new listener there is nothing not to like about this album. Some of their roots come through on tracks like ‘Rain’. Check out the video for the single ‘Heaven’ below.

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The Sunshine Underground Hit Hard With New Self-titled Album

Known primarily as an Indie band; The Sunshine Underground have come back with a new album, going for a more electro-pop sound. The album does keep things fairly low-key, using a more subtle approach than most bands would when attempting to push a new sound. The album is written with their old sound still very much intact, you have the acoustic drums and simple bass lines throughout, however touched with keyboards and synths to give it something more. The single track ‘It’s Only You’ is an obvious one to release as a single. The song is hooky, with a straight 4 to the floor beat and consistent bassline holding it all together, the vocals and synths layer over the top in such a way that it still feels like a band, not an off the wall album experiment. The album as a whole follows this process making it an all round decent album that’s easy on the ears with some memorable hooks and choruses.

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Robin Romei 'VAPOURS' Creates Excitement For Fan

Robin Romei is a name that if not so already, you will soon become familiar with. A lot of bands are currently making music that mixes electro and rock, artists like Little Dragon, The Sunshine Underground (more recently) etc. It seems to be the sound that is ‘in’ at the moment. However, Robin Romei has a different approach to this style. Granted, it’s more rock than electro, however the elements of electronic music that are present are done in a more subtle, dark approach, like that of the Cure or Gary Numan. Whilst his music has a gritty, moodiness to it, it has enough of a backbone to create some lively crowds and will smash through your speakers like you want music to. His last release "EFFY / (WE ARE) THE UNDERDOGS” was a massive success and gained him a lot of credibility in the music world, deservedly so. When you listen to Robin Romei you are getting something, real, raw and catchy on top of that. He has recently announced that his next release will be called ‘VAPOURS’ and will be released 7 July 2014, if the above sounds appealing to you then you will surely get along with his music and should probably give his next release a listen when its released. For now, enjoy an acoustic performance from Robin Romei, displaying his vocal and song-writing ability in a low key version of (We Are) The Underdogs.

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We Cut Corners 'THINKNOTHING' Album release

We Cut Corners are quickly becoming one of the most spoken of bands this year. Their new album ‘THINKNOTHING’ has had a massive presence on the music scene so far this year. The album was released 12 May and has grown into an important album for 2014, which will no doubt increase their fanbase and create an already vibrant buzz about the band for fans of live music this year. Currently coming to an end of their Ireland tour (last date 24 May, Set Theatre - Ireland) their live performances are helping them gain respect and popularity. These are a band to listen to and go and see this year. Watch the video below to see the band giving an amazing live performance of their single 'Blue'.

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Tom Vek /// Sherman

Who remembers Garth Marenghi's ‘Darkplace’?  Well if you don’t, not to worry, Mr. Tom Vek will have you going down memory lane with the latest from his third collage of hits, ‘Luck’.  Enticing you to be angry and funky at the same time in his vintage swinging sixties looking video, ‘Sherman’ will have you rocking out on the dance floor in no time.

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