Friday, 29 September 2017

Uppermost shares emotive new track 'Make A Change'

Uppermost has just shared his new single 'Make a Change.' The French producer already has a long list of hit tracks. 'Flashback' and 'Beautiful Light' have generated more than 27 million combined streams, whilst his single 'Disco Kids' was selected to be featured in Mercedes-Benz’ Formula One campaign and his track 'Flashback' was featured on Vivelle Dop’s TV.

One can't help but be swept up in Uppermost's sound. As a "musical craftsman" he  approaches  production  with the will to bring instinctive emotion into the spotlight and is heavily influenced by the emotional side of music. His recent release of a 23-track career-spanning collection titled “Origins” (2011-2016) was a showcase of his french-wave touch, liquid disco grooves, and penchant for molten guitar funk.

His inspiration (as is apparent in his music) comes from a a wide variety of sources. Raised on Persian music, he also cites artists such as Daft Punk, Burial, Apparat, Phoenix and Pogo,  as influences. Thus, he is able to transform his affinity for these acts into a sound that pays homage to their influence, while at the same time resonating with his own distinctive style.

As the name suggests, ‘Make A Change’ is characterized by a weighted atmosphere and rich sonic textures. As the track increases in intensity, the listener is taken on  a journey through loaded structures and powerful compositions.

Speaking of the single UPPERMOST says: "Music can be a great way to escape from reality when it becomes too heavy and complicated to deal with, more than a shelter it's also a powerful key to action, a key to making changes for a better life.”

If 'Make A Change' is anything to go by, we will be hearing alot more from Uppermost in the future. Watch this space to stay in the loop and follow him on social media for updates.


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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Lee Gamble releases album 'Mnestic Pressure' from new label Hyperdub

Although it’s Gamble’s first release since 2014, Mnestic Pressure is his fifth LP and first release with new label Hyperdub.  He has been Dj-ing since he was a teenager and his style and approach to music has been mostly experimental.  In 2012 he released two albums Diversions 1994-1996 and Dutch Tvashar Plumes via PAN Records.

Released on 15 September, Mnestic Pressure builds on his recent experiments with each track taking you to a new space. The album was described as “a reset that sees a noticeable change in his sound and the concepts that feed into his music.”

The shift is deliberate as the London-based producer explains; "From Diversions 1994-1996 through to Koch - my music felt like I was dealing with signals from elsewhere - signals from the unconscious, sub-aqua, hallucinated, dreamed. Mnestic Pressure feels like their decoded offspring, a terra interpretation."

Lee’s thinking about how our memory is pressured both individually and collectively,  he adds;  "We live in these strobing, visual times, like a constant subliminal advertisement but, also over the last few years the world seems to have become more and more dreamlike, alien, and parodic itself and there was this part of me that wanted to drag my music back from this Shangri-La, but fully drenched and infected by its ghosts."

Listen to the first single ‘Istian’ below:

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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Evil Needle hits another successful collab with 'Loud feat. Naji'

French producer Evil Needle has released another single, 'Loud feat Naji' from his upcoming album Abyssal off HW&W Recordings.

He has put himself on the map with support from Red Bull, BBC Radio 1, BBC 1xtra's Jamz Supernova, DJ Target and BBC Radio 3's Late Junction, and  his signature sounds have lit up venues such as Jazzcafe and Camden Assembly in London, Nuits Fauves in Paris, Razzmatazz in Spain and Cakeshop in Korea.

As evidence of his mulitalented approach to music,  he performed the background instrumentals in Doja Cat's  ‘So High,’ the video of which  has reached over 11 million plays, as well as over 1 million views in support from one of the most influential Youtube channels, Majestic Casual.

Drawing his influences from 90’s Hip-Hop, Evil Needle has crafted over the past few years his own and unique crystal-clear universe by blending lyrical and soulful synthesizer sections with powerful drums he has a flair for.  When asked in a recent interview with The Playground where he finds inspiration, he answered:  "Listening to other artists music (especially the up and coming), doing remixes or recreating songs for fun, or just simply trying out some different genres."

'Loud feat Naji' is yet another testament to his versatility as a producer and musician. Naji's smooth, low vocals and quick precise delivery are the perfect companion to Evil Needle's soundscape. On ‘Abyssal’, you’ll find beats that insist on atmospheric snare claps and borderline dance synths, delivering to everyone’s tastes.

Listen to 'Loud feat Naji' below:

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Friday, 22 September 2017

Bicep flex their musical muscles with their latest LP

The Belfast-based electro duo Bicep has just released their newest self-titled LP via Ninja Tune. Available since September 1st, this is the pair’s first album release in their 10-year career. The duo consists of Matt McBriar and Andy Ferguson whose music started appearing in 2010. They started their blog ‘Feel my Bicep’ in 2008 and it has grown exponentially as to include a label of the same name.

Their music has featured on labels such as Throne of Blood, Traveller Records and Mystery Meat. Bicep received the 'Best of British Breakthrough DJ' award for Dj Mag in 2012.  Between 2012 and 2014 they have had 6 of their singles hit number one in the Juno Charts.
According to a press release, the album is a reflection of their passion for classic house, techno, and electro. They gave insight into the album; "We think the album itself is more on the home-listening side, but there are some tracks which will work in clubs as well," they say. "We also focused on really making sure that the mix-down was suited to headphones and home listening."

You can listen to ‘Vale’ here:

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

HVNNIBVL's 'On & On Remixes' still gaining momentum

Based in Buffalo, NY,  20-year-old artist Hvnnibvl has over 37 thousand Youtube plays, as well as a string of collaborations to boast. His single 'On & On' garnered support from the likes of The Vibe Guide and Clash Magazine, and he has worked with the likes of  Oliver Chang and Evan James, and has provided vocals for the Djakarta Warehouse Project’s festival anthem produced by Gianni Marino & Devarra.

His latest offering is 'On & On Remixes', features a host of producers spinning their take on his single. Vanillaz, Need No Sleep, Evix and Gummyb3ars all step up to the remix duties, resulting in a multi-genre collection."This song, though more classified as pop, stems as does most pop music right now, from EDM. We chose a few incredibly talented producers that span across the various sub genres in Dance music to do this round of official remixes" he said.

While the remixers offer their own unique soundscapes to the track, 'On & On'  uniquely Hvnnibvl. The young artist is becoming renowned for his idiosyncratic sound, and recently shared the stage with New Politics, Lil Uzi Vert, Black Bear and Roy Woods at the annual UB Student Association's Fallfest, a move in  parallel with what looks set to be his upward trajectory.


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Get ready to experience Kauf’s “Regrowth”

Ronald Kaufman otherwise known as Kauf, has announced the release of his next album Regrowth. The LA based singer-songwriter and composer has said that the album is set to be released in October. His distinctive electronic sound has developed through his strong musical background; he was part of an international choir, plays piano, and is a self-taught guitarist. A large portion of his work has been licensed for television, film and games – with an original track featuring in Grand Theft Auto V.

He has been working on the album for over two years and had the following to say in an interview with XLR8R: “The overarching theme is relationships breaking down—all kinds, not only romantic ones—and then recovery.  I don't necessarily want the songs to directly tell a story, but instead just present provocative bits and pieces like some worn, tattered treasure map.  Electronic production appeals to me because of the amount of innovation going on in the genre, and dance music brings people together in a very primal, physical way, so the goal was to mix it with lyrics and ideas that go a little deeper.”

Listen to 'Limestone' here:

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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Luca Lush drops original single “A BOY BRUSHED BLUE LIVING IN BLACK AND WHITE” while on tour in the US.

Luca Lush, the producer known for sporting signature blue locks, released ‘A Boy Brushed In Blue Living In Black and White’  on August 2017 after wrapping up the Australian leg of his international tour.

With half of his shows sold out, he managed to finish and release the track after an 8 month period. On his Soundcloud page he mentions that a failed relationship sparked the motivation to finish the track. He had previously shown a demo of the song to a few friends but described it as not being up to “snuff” at the time.
Deviating from his usual head-banger tracks, ‘A Boy Brushed In Blue Living In Black and White’ shows a softer side to Luca. Made up of a bouncy melody with choppy vocals and ending off with a sax solo, fans have called it his ‘best release to date.’ He promises to release more headbanging sounds in future and is currently working on his next EP.

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