Thursday, 19 December 2019

Vocalist, Producer & Rapper Vincent Barrea shares new song ‘Have Fun’

Vocalist, producer and rapper Vincent Barrea has announced his new single ‘Have Fun’, set for release on 19 December via Maitre Music. The track was engineered by one of the top engineers in the field, 2x Golden Melody Award winner Scott Banks (Major Lazer, Baby K and DVBBS).

Recorded in one day, ‘Have Fun’ is easy and outgoing, with a flirty pan flute introducing the track. The spirited song combines light vocals with a steady beat, creating the perfect track to listen to on a hot summer day at the beach before retreating to the club in the evening. For those entering the winter months, the track will fill you with summer memories and warmth to see you through them.

Vincent Barrea appeared in a feature on Muze.FM

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Music producer Tiësto shares new song ‘Blue’

Grammy-winning, platinum-certified international icon Tiësto has dropped his brand new single ‘BLUE’ via Universal Records featuring Stevie Appleton.

‘BLUE’ is a testament to Tiësto’s continued growth as an artist, as he explores new styles and sounds on this melodic track.

“I wanted to end the year with a track that is a different vibe for me – the exploration of different sounds and styles is what keeps things fresh and energizing for me as an artist. 2019 has been a year of experimentation with different artists and across various sounds, styles, and genres, which I plan to continue into 2020. ‘BLUE’ is the perfect way to cap off an incredible decade, and I’m really excited to share a new song that I really love, ahead of the holidays” said Tiësto.

‘BLUE’ follows Tiësto’s recent single “God Is A Dancer” feat. UK Pop Sensation Mabel, which garnered 92 million streams in its first months and “Ritual”, a collaboration with pop powerhouse Jonas Blue and global superstar Rita Ora that has clocked over 381 million streams to date. Last year’s single, “Jackie Chan” with Post Malone, Dzeko and Preme, recently passed the 1 billion stream mark, now platinum-certified 50+ times in over 20 countries, including the UK and US.

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Music producer Mosey shares new song ‘Something Freaky’

French DJ and producer Mosey has unveiled new single ‘Something Freaky’, out now via Kitsuné Musique.

A carefree track, ‘Something Freaky’ successfully marries elements of French house and hip-hop, creating something that sounds undeniably fresh. Featuring his own vocals, the single is the result of Mosey experimenting with some of his favourite influences. It follows on from 2018 single ‘So Damn Funky’, released on UK label Juicebox, which received support and praise from the likes of BBC Radio 1, Complex, Clash Magazine and Earmilk.

Mosey’s musical career began when he started producing beats for local rappers as a teen, which soon led to him releasing electronic projects under various names and composing music for TV and film soundtracks. Over the last few years, the Parisian has prioritised DJing overproducing, playing clubs across Europe, as well as in the US and Brazil. He has also been a mainstay at fashion parties for the likes of Fendi, Lacoste, Tod’s, Marie Claire, MCM, Asos and Edifice.

Looking ahead, Mosey will team up with Italian designer Luca Larenza to launch a small capsule collection during next month’s Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

Mosey rounds off a very positive 2019 with an irresistible slice of hip-hop-infused house.

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Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Music producers Rex Rebel releases a new song ‘Big Shot’

Rex Rebel is the new, intriguing revelation in the Belgian electronic music scene, formed by trans man Sam Bettens. Sam was formerly known as Sarah Bettens and is also the lead vocalist of the highly acclaimed rock band K's Choice, which is still considered one of the biggest bands from Belgium, with multiple gold and platinum awards under their belt. The debut album 'Run' will be released on February 28th 2020.

Although K's Choice has been the common thread of his career, Sam has always embodied change in his musical endeavours. Apart from four highly successful solo albums, he also made musical contributions to several soundtracks and documentaries, appeared on over thirty major label compilations and contributed music or vocal performances for a whole series of multi-platinum artists. And now again, in 2019, by starting Rex Rebel, Sam has reinvented himself. This new band is nothing less than another expression of Sam's inexhaustible creativity.

No more than a month ago, the band released their first single 'Big Shot'. The single was immediately received with open arms by the national radio stations in Belgium, followed by remarkable TV appearances of the band in leading talk shows in the Benelux. ‘Big Shot’ is a song that glorifies success, quantified by fame and fortune. And even though the song is supposed to question that very notion, it also exudes confidence that Rex Rebel has, that they belong in the big leagues and that they won’t stop until they get there.

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Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Singer/songwriter Vicky releases new song ‘Breeze’

Chicago-born Vicky Sometani moved to the UK two years ago and has already captivated the London live music scene with her electrifying performances, arresting vocals and unique blend of Jazz, Soul and Folk.

Vicky's debut single, Breeze, was released by Laid Bare Records on 28th November and shines a light on the complex emotional experience of having someone that you love not in your life anymore: "the bittersweet memories that come with break-up, and the fondness and/or sadness you'll always feel towards them, even if it was meant to end when it did." The song fuses a life-affirming melody with direct and honest lyrics.

The core role that song-writing has played in Vicky's life is evident from the passion conveyed by her music and, despite all the personal life changes, Vicky's move to London has triggered a burst of creativity:

"I've had periods in my life where I really didn’t believe in myself and was young and lost. And this is definitely reflected in my music now in some shape or form. There have been a lot of ups and downs over the last 10 years - constantly moving around from Chicago, California, Cleveland and to New York. It was difficult to get settled. I moved to London wanting to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and what makes me happy, and that was music. Now I'm back in love with it and have lots lined up!"

From moving around America and finding her feet in London to her newfound love of music, Vicky has channelled her life experiences into a profoundly honest and raw debut single.

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Friday, 15 November 2019

Drew Davies returns to previous director for next music video

Displaying a dazzling green countryside, Drew Davies has released his latest music video. Returning home to shoot the video for ‘Mrs Taylor’ with director Juliet Bryant, Davies makes us all feel like we grew up in quiet towns in the English countryside.

This isn’t the first time Davies has teamed up with Juliet Bryant. The two worked together on the both of his previous music videos - ‘Living the dream’ and ‘Man on the run’. Both of the previous music videos are set at night, with bars and cars taking front stage. The sunny landscape flicking by in ‘Mrs Taylor’ provides a pleasing contrast to the preceding two released videos. You can compare both for yourself, above and below.

“I grew up in the South Yorkshire countryside and so wanted to shoot somewhere that would capture the expansiveness and beauty of the area. We shot near some family in North Yorkshire but also in the village where I grew up. We wanted to create the feeling of looking in the rearview mirror at my childhood and we retraced some steps I took in my early years; all as a way of commemorating the memory of Mrs Taylor.”
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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Interview with Singer/songwriter Lux Lyall

London-based singer/songwriter Lux Lyall has a deep, intense love for the glitz and glamour of old school Hollywood. She collects miniature carousels and dollhouses as well as being devoted to her cat, and would like to formally apologize to her friends and neighbors for the uncontrollable screaming at odd hours of the night.

Her new song ‘Switchblade Baby’ was released on the 5th September and was directly inspired by Lux’s friends from around the world. The track is a luscious and enticing affair, layered with elegant and alluring instrumentation that waltzes beneath Lux’s emotive and sultry voice.

Looking back, what were some of your earliest entries into music appreciation? And music production?

My earliest entry to music appreciation was probably hearing Nirvana as a kid (Thanks to my eldest brother) and music production I didn't start seriously until I started my first band, Sister Witch, with David Ryder Prangley at 20.

If you could paint a picture of your unique sound, what would it look like?

Falling asleep with a lit cigarette in your hand and your make up still on and inevitably setting fire to the hotel room duvet. Housekeeping?.Help.

What are some of your key musical influences?

The place I grew up, walking home alone after a party in the summertime, old movies, warm baths. Oh and like anything Chino Moreno does.

What's on your current playlist?

Maria Callas
Cat Power
Alexandra Savior
The soundtrack to Breakfast at Tiffany's by Henry Mancini

Take us through your songwriting process. Are there any particular steps you take when putting music together?

I write lyrics whenever I can, on my phone, scraps of paper, old receipts and envelopes. Then I’ll usually meet up with my writing partner David, and we'll pull something together. Or my boyfriend will be playing a beautiful riff I really love over and over for a few days and Ill finally gather the courage to steal it. After asking, of course.

What gets your creative juices flowing?

Trauma. Kidding, kind of. Sometimes just walking around London on my own or general things that have been going on in my life. Everything tends to stay sleepy and dormant in the back of my mind until the most inconvenient of times honestly.

As an artist, it becomes apparent that there is a huge difference between the art and the business. Is there anything about the music scene that you would personally change?

There's probably a few things. I think the whole idea of promoting yourself on social media is weird. Maybe I'm just lazy about posting on my music accounts but, I like creating the art, It just feels strange a lot of the time to talk about it on Instagram or whatever and wait for recognition from people on the internet. It’s weird I'll get a bigger response from a selfie, which is just my face on a good day and less of a response when I post about working or writing or being inspired by someone.

Tell us about the chemistry you have with your fans on stage.

Most of my 'fans' are really my friends! So it’s just kinda beautiful when your best buds are down the front of a little bar singing along to your songs when you can't remember sending them the lyrics at any point and realize they just know them. That’s always sweet.

What is the most memorable response you have had to your music?

I once finished playing a gig with my old band on a weird bill where it was us, and three metal bands. I was wearing like this white frilly tablecloth looking outfit and we did a grungey cover of an old Lana Del Rey song, and the other bands spent most of the beginning of the evening scoffing at us. When we finished and I was getting off the stage some of the guys were like "Hey that was ACTUALLY pretty good", I thought that was funny.

What would you like to achieve with your music? What does success look like to you?

Success to me is hearing other artists whose opinions I hold in very high regard saying they like what I do and understand where I'm coming from. That’s happening at the moment and it really means a lot to me.

Breakdown the news for us: what can we expect from you in the near future?

Two more videos, an album in April 2020 and hopefully some live shows soon!

Famous last words?

"Pardonnez-moi, monsieur.” Oh no wait, those were Marie Antoinette's last words. She stepped on the executioner’s foot.

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Norwegian singer SKAAR shares the music video for her new song, ‘Five Times’

Norwegian artist SKAAR has shared the video for her new single, ‘Five Times’, out now via Warner Music.

The video is an extended visual metaphor of original sin inverted to place the man at the centre of temptation. It sees a sequence of shots representing intimacy, desire and betrayal, with occult-tinged sacrificial implications portraying the unfaithfulness and inconsequential attitudes of men towards those they’ve hurt.

“This video is representing the story of Adam and Eve, but with a different view,” explains SKAAR. “It shows the power and the ego men have had through history. Still, this gives women the opportunity to grow stronger, to unite and support each other.”

An intoxicating blend of captivating production and infectious vocals, the track is a powerful critique of unequal attitudes towards women. It builds through pulsating verses imbued with cutting lyricism, before opening into an anthemic chorus of infectious melodies and explosive attitude.

At 21, SKAAR is one of Norway’s most exciting new talents. Born on the small west coast island of Stord, she grew up experiencing total freedom and the feeling of belonging somewhere. Just like you can experience all four seasons in one day on the west coast of Norway, she can relate to feeling exuberantly lively and cheerful one minute and almost explosively emotional the next. In these oscillations, friction arises and often results in a flood of inspiration and creativity, which drives her urge to write music.

‘Five Times’ follows her previous releases ‘24’, ‘Wicked Rhythm’, released earlier this year, and her debut single ‘Higher Ground’, which has amassed over seven million streams and was featured in the soundtrack for the motion picture, Battle.

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Sunday, 10 November 2019

Panaviscope explores eccentricities and psychedelia on new single 'Breathing In Reverse'

Indie-pop multi artist Panaviscope has released his trippy new single 'Breathing In Reverse' which just premiered by the esteemed Wonderland Magazine. This follows on from his last single, the equally delightful 'Kiss Yourself To Death'.

The eccentric artist behind the project is Alex Duloz - who creates the tracks, is lead vocalist, and artistic director for all visuals and artwork. His tracks and aesthetics are laced with a psychedelic tinge reminiscent of The Beatles, and after giving 'Breathing In Reverse' a spin, one can't help but wonder if there wasn't something slipped into the punch.

Duloz explains further:  ‘In three minutes, you travel from electro to classic 70s rock, in a very smooth journey. I’m happy with the aesthetic of this song. The result is extremely cinematic. At the end of the song, you should wonder ‘What the hell  just happened to me?’  In this song, I talk about going back to the forest. I explore a romantic vision of nature. A parenthesis.”

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Monday, 4 November 2019

Singer/songwriter Sudan Archives released a new debut album ‘Athena’

Violinist, singer, songwriter, and producer Sudan Archives has released her highly anticipated debut album Athena via Stones Throw Records. The album is available for purchase on standard black vinyl, limited black and bronze marbled vinyl, and in a deluxe edition with a bonus zine and 7-inch of two unreleased songs, as well as on CD and digital.

The album’s central theme is duality. Herself a twin, Sudan has long been acquainted with the notion of opposites coexisting within one entity. Embracing her most direct lyrical approach to date she plunges headfirst into themes of female strength, the coexistence of good and evil in people, breakups, and the gulf between others' perception of her and how she perceives herself.

Athena is a huge step forward for Sudan Archives musically and sonically, more than delivering on the potential of her critically acclaimed EPs Sudan Archives (2017) and Sink (2018). For the new songs, she opened herself up to more studio collaboration, employing a cadre of talented musicians and producers including Washed Out, Wilma Archer, Paul White (Danny Brown, Charli XCX), and Rodaidh McDonald (The xx, Sampha, Adele). The result is her most wide-ranging music to date, experimenting with hip hop influences, highly charged bass lines, and plays between catchy hooks and smooth harmonies.

Following intimate release shows in LA and New York next week, Sudan heads overseas for a full European tour, with recently announced North American dates to follow in February and March of 2020. Deeply ambitious, sometimes vulnerable, and always beautiful, Athena is a powerful statement from a musician who has always resisted easy categorization.

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Indie-pop trio Prinze George released a new song ‘Stay up’

Prinze George has released their new track "Stay Up" on all DSPs. The single was premiered with The 405, praising, "The track uses several hallmarks of pop song composition -- airy synths, pulsing drum machines, a larger-than-life chorus -- but infuses them with a pensive sadness, the sort that follows a night of carousing and fun."

On the track Prinze George describes, “Stay Up' is about the allure of partying all night with people you love and having an awesome time, but also about the sadness that hits you when reality bites and that hangover hits. It’s hard to slow down when you’re revved up. Sometimes your soul needs a late night with friends, and other times your body needs rest. ‘Stay Up’ is the struggle of finding that balance."

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Wednesday, 30 October 2019

New EP: Ro Bergman's 'New Horizon' hits you in the feels

Ro Berman's much anticipated EP New Horizon has finally hit DSP's. The former model and equestrian sportsman has seen considerable support with previous releases, and this EP looks set to follow in the same vein.

The five track offering is a set of personal anecdotes, experiences and musings, set to beautiful musical arrangements and delivered with Bergman's deep, thoughtful vocals. Alternating between optimism and introspection New Horizon is bound to hit you right in the feels.

“I took time for myself to create my debut EP. New Horizon is about taking chances, about accepting change and about being courageous enough to trust and follow your own intuition.  Every song is sort of friend, a part of my diary, a baby and a document of a period and specific feeling of my life” Says Bergman.

Image credit: Rene Hundertpfund

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Monday, 28 October 2019

Singer/songwriter Gabrielle Aplin Releases new song ‘Like You Say You Do’

Gabrielle Aplin has released her brand new single ‘Like You Say You Do’. The song is the latest single to be taken from her forthcoming new album Dear Happy, out January 17th via AWAL and her own label Never Fade Records.

‘Like You Say You Do’ features an irresistible, funk-inspired chorus and is a dreamy pop song inspired by the misleading realities of social media.

Regarding the single Gabrielle Aplin says, “I’m so happy to release my next single ‘Like You Say You Do’. I wrote it with Lostboy (one of my favorite collaborators) and Lauren Aquilina (one of my favorite artists!). This song is inspired by how differently you can portray your life and relationships on social media compared to real life. How you can say one thing online, and not follow it through in your real life.”

‘Like You Say You Do’ follows the release of ‘Losing Me’, Gabrielle’s collaboration with JP Cooper, which proved a hit across the board. The song has achieved over 11 million streams on Spotify alone, while the gorgeous video has had over a million views. The single was added to the Radio 2 B-List and also received support from Radio 1.

Dear Happy is an uplifting pop record that chronicles Gabrielle’s life, and the experiences and cultures she has been inspired by whilst touring and traveling the world over the past couple of years. The album also features the previously released songs ‘Kintsugi’, ‘Nothing Really Matters’ and ‘My Mistake’, which have also received multi-million streams alongside great press and radio support.

Gabrielle Aplin has worked with producers Mike Spencer (Tom Walker, Zara Larsson, Years & Years), Lostboy (Dua Lipa, Becky Hill, Sigala), The Barn Productions (Lewis Capaldi, Dean Lewis) and 5YA (Sigrid) on the new album.

Dear Happy features some of Gabrielle’s most personal lyrical moments alongside a breadth of music and influences not yet heard from her before. The record displays the wonderful diversity of Gabrielle Aplin as both a pop star and songwriter in 2019.

Whether she is singing a stripped-back piano ballad or a huge pop song, her lyrical content and emotive vocal delivery remain at the forefront of her music.

2019 has also seen Gabrielle become an ever more prominent figure in promoting positivity and wellbeing for the wider world throughout her work today. She is a keen advocate for mental health awareness, animal rights and the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, which is highlighted in her vegan cooking series Food With Friends and her new sustainable clothing range for H&M, all made from 100% organic cotton.

4th – Glasgow, Saint Luke’s
5th – Liverpool, O2 Academy 2
6th – Newcastle, Wylam Brewery
7th – Manchester, Manchester Academy 2
9th – Belfast, Limelight
10th – Dublin, Olympia Theatre
12th – Leeds, Stylus
13th – Cardiff, Y Plas
14th – Nottingham, Rock City
16th – Brighton, Concorde 2
17th – London, Shepherds Bush Empire
18th – Bristol, SWX

Gabrielle Aplin appeared in a feature on Sound Lab

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Pop-rock band Tourists announces a new song ‘Align’

As needle-fine guitars duel through hives of retro-electronics, ‘Align’ sees the Torquay five-piece announce their return with a darkly exhilarating rush of shoegaze-washed atmospherics and breathtaking pace.

Ruminating on the concept of interpersonal manipulation and control, ‘Align’ arrives as something of a statement of intent from a band looking to cast off the shackles and take back control of their destiny.

With the momentum of a string of successful single releases to their name - including ‘Cut and Run' which landed in the Spotify Global Viral 50 chart with over 500,000 plays, plus the support of top online tastemakers (DIY, CLASH, The 405), and the thrill of playing to a packed-out tent at Glastonbury Festival on the BBC Introducing stage, in 2017 - Tourists had what many bands would kill for. But perfectionists to the core, as the encroaching label and touring pressures began to hem them in with expectations, Tourists instead pulled a maverick move. Spurred on by a want to make the album they had always truly envisioned for Tourists’ debut, the band made a conscious decision to simply step away from it all, to cut communications and take back control; no matter how long it may take.

Re-emerging in 2019, ‘Align’ is the first joyous indication of exactly what they’ve been up to and a sure-fire confirmation of their decision.

Speaking about why ‘Align’ was the right track to re-introduce the world to Tourists, Tom Wilkinson of the band says:

“[Align] follows the idea of somebody mastering their own inner spirit to command others. We feel this track really reflects our main musical influences - the deep-rooted post-punk element coupled with 80s synth/dark-pop. As we played it more it took on a life of its own, getting heavier with more dynamics, and a dramatic, driving ending.”

If ’Align’ recalls the dreamy, reverb-laced, widescreen soundscapes that hallmark some of US’s finest indie exports, it may come as little surprise that the band enlisted Daniel Schlett at the infamous Strange Weather Studios in Brooklyn to place his inimitable production signature on their latest work.

Having searched high and low these last few years for a producer who could see eye-to-eye on the vision for their new material, it was eventually a chance encounter with Schlett in Brooklyn on the Williamsburg Bridge that would bring the two together. With an impressive studio knowhow, an experimental creative approach, not to mention his notable work with the likes of The War On Drugs and DIIV (of whom he had been instrumental in defining their ‘mid-fi’ sound); it soon became crystal clear from this brief encounter Schlett was the man for the job. The fact he had witnessed Tourists’ landmark Glastonbury set in 2017 was the clincher.

Align was engineered by Tourists and James Bragg (Gengahr/Altered Images/ Muncie Girls) at the band’s rehearsal space in Torquay. It was further mastered by Simon Heyworth and Bill Sellar of Super Audio Mastering (Brian Eno / Imogen Heap / Nick Cave).

Returning on re-energized form and promising even more from these fruitful sessions of the last two years, ‘Align’ is only the tip of the iceberg.

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Friday, 25 October 2019

Take a listen to music producer JBXDR's latest song

German drummer and producer JBXDR has just released his latest single, ‘Like L’ via Springstoff. The track appears in his EP No 2 and was premiered via Youtube channel Madorasindahouse. Within the EP is also humorously named track, ‘Fck Mars’, which we’ve chosen to feature below.

In an interview with Four Four, JBXDR revealed a little more about what his fans can expect from him in the future. “There will be a very special one-shot videotaping of my new live set”. You can read the full interview here. We’re looking forward to seeing more from the experimental drummer and innovative live performer.

“‘Like L’ wants to take you close to that moment right before the last sunbeams catch your eye. It’s flow, repetition and expression in the details. This track started with a few short piano chops mapped to my snare drums and a simple row of bass notes mapped to my kick. From the first moments of improving it and tweaking the setup I knew that this one wanted to shine bright and light and just flow forever.” - JBXDR shares a little about the concept behind the track.

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Little Dragon announces new song ‘Tongue Kissing’

Iconic Swedish four-piece Little Dragon invite you to engage in some "tongue kissing with life” on their new single ‘Tongue Kissing’, released today on Ninja Tune. The track comes alongside news of a huge run of headline live-shows across Europe and North America in 2020, including Brixton Academy on 26th March.

Picking up where ‘Lover Chanting’ (“a song for all the lovers out there”) left off, ‘Tongue Kissing’ is four minutes of glittering, off-kilter pop, which sees front-woman Yukimi Nagano muse on embracing life's challenges head-on. “The song is very much about taking brave steps,” explains the band. “Facing your own demons and tongue kissing with life, not holding back but going all-in with all that it entails, every moment in your face”

One year on from their “Lover Chanting” EP, ‘Tongue Kissing’ once more finds Little Dragon at their pioneering best. A singular band who are never content to rest on their laurels, it follows a career of forward-thinking albums—including breakout “Ritual Union” and the GRAMMY-nominated “Nabuma Rubberband”—as well as an impressive, diverse list of collaborations with equally groundbreaking artists like BADBADNOTGOOD, Gorillaz, SBTRKT, Flume, Kaytranada, De La Soul, DJ Shadow, Tinashe, Mac Miller, Big Boi, Faith Evans, and more.

Artwork for the release comes from Mačka (Lena Mačka) and continues the band’s long history of working with some of the most exciting creatives across the worlds of art and design, including with IB Kamara (i-D, Dazed, Vogue) and David Uzochukwu (Dior, FKA Twigs, Nike) on previous album “Season High”, and Vicki King on their latest EP.

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The Ghost Of Helags releases music video from the song ‘The Santa Rosa Song’

Following the release of their latest single  THE GHOST OF HELAGS, have unveiled a sepia-tinged new video for: ‘The Santa Rosa Song’.

Independently directed and filmed by the dream-pop duo in their newfound home of Berlin, the DIY video follows Teresa as she journeys through the city’s historic Eastside.

Speaking about the new video John Alexander Ericson of the band says:
“The video for ‘The Santa Rosa Song’ was shot just a couple of days ago walking down Frankfurter Allee in what used to be East Berlin, hence the Soviet Union-esque architecture. The video ends up in front of the twin towers at Frankfurter Tor.”

Filmed in a Super-8 video style, the new video offers a nostalgic and reflective accompaniment to the Scandinavian duo’s serene new single.

With echoes of Beach House to Brian Eno, ‘The Santa Rosa Song’ is a soul-stirring brew of powder-snow harmonies, pattering minimalist percussion and wide-eyed orchestration.

Inspired by the place of its titling, the track was penned on a road trip in Northern California a few years ago as the duo snaked along the coastline road from Santa Rosa and through to the breathtaking Redwood National Park. Written and recorded in moment of divine inspiration, the track was then forgotten about over the course of the trip and lost in the labyrinthine recesses of a hard drive they carried with them.

Some years later at their current Berlin base in the icy throes of mid-winter, the duo warmed themselves with the memories of the demos recorded on that trip. Stumbling upon ‘The Santa Rosa Song’ once more, the track stood out amongst them, a glowing reminder of those hazy Californian days with a glistening potential for something more.

Inviting close friends into the process, the duo set about furnishing the song into the soulful, euphoric and cathartic piece we hear today. As Teresa reflects:

“We started working on it again and got some friends in to help us sing the vocals, because we wanted it to sound like it is sung by a collective, rather than a solo performance.  We also got Natasha Jaffe in to play some beautiful Cello all over the track.”

The Ghost of Helags are singer-songwriter and producer duo Teresa Woischiski and John Alexander Ericson. Hailing from Sweden and now located to Berlin, the pairing combine the ethereal dreampop sounds of their Scandinavian roots with the electronic nuances inspired by their newfound home. Following on from New Music Friday playlisted debut single ‘I Carry Your Heart’ and the heavenly follow-up ‘Autobahn Lullaby’ (a tribute to their Berlin home), ‘The Santa Rosa Song’ offers fans another spine-tingling delight to savour.

Artistic, enigmatic and entrancing on the live stage, The Ghost Of Helags' innovative use dance and body language to communicate with their audiences has already seen them become something of a word-of-mouth sensation on the Berlin scene and beyond. With fervour around their shows seeing them sell-out esteemed spaces such as the Berghain Kantine earlier this year, the band are now hatching plans for further dates across Europe and in the UK this Autumn.

The Ghost Of Helags appeared in a feature on Sound Juicer

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