Thursday, 19 December 2019

Vocalist, Producer & Rapper Vincent Barrea shares new song ‘Have Fun’

Vocalist, producer and rapper Vincent Barrea has announced his new single ‘Have Fun’, set for release on 19 December via Maitre Music. The track was engineered by one of the top engineers in the field, 2x Golden Melody Award winner Scott Banks (Major Lazer, Baby K and DVBBS).

Recorded in one day, ‘Have Fun’ is easy and outgoing, with a flirty pan flute introducing the track. The spirited song combines light vocals with a steady beat, creating the perfect track to listen to on a hot summer day at the beach before retreating to the club in the evening. For those entering the winter months, the track will fill you with summer memories and warmth to see you through them.

Vincent Barrea appeared in a feature on Muze.FM

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Music producer Tiësto shares new song ‘Blue’

Grammy-winning, platinum-certified international icon Tiësto has dropped his brand new single ‘BLUE’ via Universal Records featuring Stevie Appleton.

‘BLUE’ is a testament to Tiësto’s continued growth as an artist, as he explores new styles and sounds on this melodic track.

“I wanted to end the year with a track that is a different vibe for me – the exploration of different sounds and styles is what keeps things fresh and energizing for me as an artist. 2019 has been a year of experimentation with different artists and across various sounds, styles, and genres, which I plan to continue into 2020. ‘BLUE’ is the perfect way to cap off an incredible decade, and I’m really excited to share a new song that I really love, ahead of the holidays” said Tiësto.

‘BLUE’ follows Tiësto’s recent single “God Is A Dancer” feat. UK Pop Sensation Mabel, which garnered 92 million streams in its first months and “Ritual”, a collaboration with pop powerhouse Jonas Blue and global superstar Rita Ora that has clocked over 381 million streams to date. Last year’s single, “Jackie Chan” with Post Malone, Dzeko and Preme, recently passed the 1 billion stream mark, now platinum-certified 50+ times in over 20 countries, including the UK and US.

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Music producer Mosey shares new song ‘Something Freaky’

French DJ and producer Mosey has unveiled new single ‘Something Freaky’, out now via Kitsuné Musique.

A carefree track, ‘Something Freaky’ successfully marries elements of French house and hip-hop, creating something that sounds undeniably fresh. Featuring his own vocals, the single is the result of Mosey experimenting with some of his favourite influences. It follows on from 2018 single ‘So Damn Funky’, released on UK label Juicebox, which received support and praise from the likes of BBC Radio 1, Complex, Clash Magazine and Earmilk.

Mosey’s musical career began when he started producing beats for local rappers as a teen, which soon led to him releasing electronic projects under various names and composing music for TV and film soundtracks. Over the last few years, the Parisian has prioritised DJing overproducing, playing clubs across Europe, as well as in the US and Brazil. He has also been a mainstay at fashion parties for the likes of Fendi, Lacoste, Tod’s, Marie Claire, MCM, Asos and Edifice.

Looking ahead, Mosey will team up with Italian designer Luca Larenza to launch a small capsule collection during next month’s Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

Mosey rounds off a very positive 2019 with an irresistible slice of hip-hop-infused house.

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Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Music producers Rex Rebel releases a new song ‘Big Shot’

Rex Rebel is the new, intriguing revelation in the Belgian electronic music scene, formed by trans man Sam Bettens. Sam was formerly known as Sarah Bettens and is also the lead vocalist of the highly acclaimed rock band K's Choice, which is still considered one of the biggest bands from Belgium, with multiple gold and platinum awards under their belt. The debut album 'Run' will be released on February 28th 2020.

Although K's Choice has been the common thread of his career, Sam has always embodied change in his musical endeavours. Apart from four highly successful solo albums, he also made musical contributions to several soundtracks and documentaries, appeared on over thirty major label compilations and contributed music or vocal performances for a whole series of multi-platinum artists. And now again, in 2019, by starting Rex Rebel, Sam has reinvented himself. This new band is nothing less than another expression of Sam's inexhaustible creativity.

No more than a month ago, the band released their first single 'Big Shot'. The single was immediately received with open arms by the national radio stations in Belgium, followed by remarkable TV appearances of the band in leading talk shows in the Benelux. ‘Big Shot’ is a song that glorifies success, quantified by fame and fortune. And even though the song is supposed to question that very notion, it also exudes confidence that Rex Rebel has, that they belong in the big leagues and that they won’t stop until they get there.

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Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Singer/songwriter Vicky releases new song ‘Breeze’

Chicago-born Vicky Sometani moved to the UK two years ago and has already captivated the London live music scene with her electrifying performances, arresting vocals and unique blend of Jazz, Soul and Folk.

Vicky's debut single, Breeze, was released by Laid Bare Records on 28th November and shines a light on the complex emotional experience of having someone that you love not in your life anymore: "the bittersweet memories that come with break-up, and the fondness and/or sadness you'll always feel towards them, even if it was meant to end when it did." The song fuses a life-affirming melody with direct and honest lyrics.

The core role that song-writing has played in Vicky's life is evident from the passion conveyed by her music and, despite all the personal life changes, Vicky's move to London has triggered a burst of creativity:

"I've had periods in my life where I really didn’t believe in myself and was young and lost. And this is definitely reflected in my music now in some shape or form. There have been a lot of ups and downs over the last 10 years - constantly moving around from Chicago, California, Cleveland and to New York. It was difficult to get settled. I moved to London wanting to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and what makes me happy, and that was music. Now I'm back in love with it and have lots lined up!"

From moving around America and finding her feet in London to her newfound love of music, Vicky has channelled her life experiences into a profoundly honest and raw debut single.

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