Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Rap-singer Cameron Sanderson releases emotionally heartfelt song titled ‘Grey’

Rap-singer Cameron Sanderson has released his new emotionally charged track title ‘Grey’ via Broken Thought Records. Music blog Sound Juicer shares their view on Sanderson’s new track, “ Differing from his usual raw lyrical content in his latest rap, emo, and soft rock hybrid, track ‘Grey’, Sanderson delivers a simple yet emotionally effective message, with universally relatable lyrical content.

Cameron grew up in a family of instrumentalist and music enthusiasts, as early as four years old he asked his parents for one of the highest-grossing rock albums of the 21st century; Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory. After seeing Linkin Park live, Sanderson realized a new passion for singing. In his song ‘Grey’, Sanderson fuses elements of rap, rock, and emo tones. His sound can be compared to artists like 30 Seconds To Mars, Twenty One Pilots, and Ed Sheeran. ‘Grey’ is emotionally heartfelt and vulnerable, lyrically sensible yet it is still showing the truth without much interpretation.

Sanderson shares the personal details of the track, “Leaving an abusive relationship I could only see grey emotionally. The relationship was wrong... but at least it had colour. Seeing in black & white was the only way I could stop myself from going back, otherwise, the colours would just blur. Full of oxymorons & witty one liners this track is exactly that.”

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HOSH & 1979 releases new music video for latest single ‘Midnight’ ft. Jalja

German DJ, producer and label owner HOSH and Italian newcomer 1979 have unveiled the official video for their global smash ‘Midnight (The Hanging Tree)’ ft. Jalja, out Tuesday 14th April via Three Six Zero Recordings.

The engrossing video is set in a barren, snow-covered wasteland, with a rural family doing their best to survive in one of the harshest terrains imaginable. The thrilling visuals are a perfect accompaniment for the emotive soundscape crafted by HOSH and 1979. The revered track has already amassed 10 million global streams since its release earlier this year.

HOSH explains: I’m really excited about this video. The storm that passes in the video fits nicely with the times we are currently in, with life requiring a bit more from all of us, than our regular daily routine, to make it through. Slightly awkward since this wasn’t planned, but a little poetic at the same time.

HOSH appeared in a feature on EDM Music

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Singer Shaefri announces brand new EP “Girl”

Shaefri has announced the release of her forthcoming EP Girl out July 1st. To mark the announcement she has released a lyric video for the lead single and title track.

A half-Egyptian, half-Irish heritage is at the heart of every Shaefri song. Arabic beats meet harmonies that hark back to summers spent in Mayo and family sing-alongs. Percussion and strings spring from a childhood immersed in the music of both cultures. In her hypnotic vocals, Shaefri’s contrasting sides collide.

Girl, the London-raised singer and songwriter’s spectacular second EP, is the result of a two-year quest to capture her unique identity. A fresh, organic blend of electronics and acoustic instruments, the five tracks may be steeped in tradition, but could only have been written by a young woman in today’s time of great transition.

Regarding the upcoming EP Shaefri says, “Girl is me trying to find my place in the world. No one prepares you for adulthood. In terms of self-development, it’s a terrifying time. But it’s also exciting, not knowing what’s coming next.

“Some of the themes on Girl are quite dark and serious, but sonically, it’s all upbeat and uplifting. I’m not wallowing in what’s gone wrong. I’m addressing issues and actual events that are affecting my generation. Talking about them gets them out in the open, which is where solutions arise.”

Shaefri appeared in a feature on Sound Juicer

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Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Drew Makes Noise releases DIY space travel video for song ‘Satellite’

Belfast-based musician Drew Makes Noise has unveiled his DIY Supermarionation music video for his psychedelic pop song titled ‘Satellite’.During his time performing with the Ed Zealous band, Drew Makes Noise has played support for artists like Snow Patrol, Two Door Cinema Club, and Maximo Park. The band has also performed for BBC Introducing Stage at the Glastonbury Festival, as well as NEMO Music Showcase and Conference.

Drew makes noise grew up creating mix-tapes including the work of the world-acclaimed band Nirvana and The Pet Shop Boys. He cites artists including Wolf Parade, Polyphonic Spree, John Grant, Mercury Rev, and Tame Impala as influential to the music that he produces. His resulting sound sits closer to the work of MGMT, Foster The People and M83. The ‘Satellite’ video took six months of planning, conceptualization, and filming. Featuring a combination of stop motion and live footage revolving around the main character imagining that he was completing space missions, instead of working on his monotonous career.

Drew Makes Noise shares the emotional impact making the video had on him "This was full-on DIY. I disappeared for 4 full months to build a model world for characters and space ships to live in. The bearded character was loosely meant to be me but as time went on I felt like he actually "was" me and I, him and that I was living in a movie within a movie. I was going through my own hero's journey to do something I have never done before. The scene with the live-action sawing and working in the shed was like method acting, as that’s what my life was like making the video. Life was imitating art and I lost my mind a little. After each scene was filmed I actually did some minor grieving as each time I thought a little person or thing I had created had died and left me. Now I know why actors and directors go crazy!"

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Isaac Delusion releases new remix from Franc Moody song ‘pas l'habitude’

Parisian electro-pop band Isaac Delusion today release the Franc Moody remix of ‘pas l‘habitude’, lifted from their critically praised latest album release, ‘uplifters’ (out now). Following close on the tail of sold-out headline dates from Isaac Delusion across Europe & the UK (including two big sold-out hometown shows at Paris’ Cigale) and a recent collaboration with Yuksek, the bassline-heavy new remix from London-based Franc Moody turbo-charges the yearning ‘pas l’habitude’ with the collective’s customary funk - listen from here.

‘uplifters’ (out on hip French label Microqlima) is Isaac Delusion’s third full length release,  the follow up to 2017’s ‘Rust And Gold’ and the latest addition in a blooming career which has seen founding members Loïc Fleury and Jules Pacotte accrue close to half a million monthly Spotify streams-and-counting, and perform on the bill for Pitchfork Paris alongside sold-out headline shows including the Olympia and the Élysée Montmartre.

Going on to ride out the early ‘10s scene from out of which they originally broke, Loïc Fleury and  Jules Pacotte formed Isaac Delusion (that name an unlikely Anglophile nod to Sir Isaac Newton…) having originally become fast friends whilst at high school in the eastern Paris suburb of Vincennes. In some senses, ‘uplifters’ - whose blue-tinged songwriting picks at a misplaced nostalgia for our younger selves - closes a circle for the childhood friends, now staring down their fourth decade, feeling an itch for the freedom & unguarded honesty of their younger selves.

Proudly wearing its anglophile tendencies on its sleeve - much like predecessor ‘Rust And Gold’ - ‘uplifters’ is sung by and large in pop’s lingua franca, English. Early single release ‘fancy’ tackled obsessional love, viewed through the prism of adolescent hypersensitivity. The track’s robotic vocals and crisp drum machine belie a melancholic aftertaste which creeps out across much of ‘uplifters’. Long since intrinsic to Isaac Delusion’s insistent sound is Loïc’s agile, almost androgynous falsetto-ed vocal, drawing more than the occasion comparison to Bronski Beat’s Jimmy Sommerville. All but taking off elsewhere on the skewed, sultry funk of ‘together’, his vocals also share some of the lo-fi intensity of contemporaries like Rhye across the downtempo ‘tell me how’ and the bubbling electronic soul which underpins the swoon-some ‘parrots’.

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DJ Zinc links up with Alicai Harley on new song ‘Bubble’

Marking his first release of 2020, UK dance music legend DJ Zinc has collaborated with budding London singer-songwriter Alicai Harley on new single ‘Bubble’, out March 20th via his own imprint Bingo Bass.

Fizzing with energy from the opening bars, the buoyant track has all the hallmarks of an instant club hit, with Harley’s sharpshooting vocal delivery the perfect pairing for Zinc’s propulsive beats. A fun, fresh track that’s practically bursting under the weight of its earworm chorus and hip-swinging rhythm, Harley’s boisterous repeated chant ‘B-U-B-B-L-E’ oozes the kind of charisma you’d expect from a young artist already described as a ‘hotshot’. Her unique take on dancehall thrives amongst Zinc’s glimmering production, an inimitable fusion of genres that makes ‘Bubble’ a track with the limitless appeal.

Real name Benjamin Pettit, DJ Zinc is a prolific British DJ and producer who first emerged onto the scene way back in 1995 with hip-hop/jungle fusion hit 'Super Sharp Shooter', quickly cementing himself as a key figure of the breakbeat, garage and scenes.

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Tuesday, 7 April 2020

MOGAN shares second single ‘Hireth’

Cardiff-based musician MOGAN has shared their second single ‘Hireth’. ‘Hireth’ will be featured on their upcoming EP Gutter(24th April 2020) via sinc(x) Records.  They have featured on Walya’s Act Normal show for Noods Radio and Razorblade the Tape, and God Is In The TV Zine. Thus far, MOGAN’s live performances include The Swansea Fringe Festival for The  Demimonde line-up(LGBTQ+), The Forte Project, Safe Gigs For Women. They have also performed with DIY punk outfit Hotel De Mari.

MOGAN is a firm believer in being comfortable with one’s quirks. They also like to be open with their thoughts on topics including politics, divorce, and sexual identity.  The underground music scene is something that they enjoy, and regularly attend events close-by to where they reside.  MOGAN finds the far-out works of Bjork, Liars, Peaches, Dirty Beaches and  Broadcast highly influential to their overall style. Their resulting sounds are comparable to the work of Sophie, Arca, and The Knife.

MOGAN shares on the single"There's no direct English translation for the word 'Hireth' but it's a Cornish words meaning 'The longing for something that doesn't exist'. That feeling really resonated when writing the song because I could never quite settle on its production and it never seemed to fit. I was ready to park it indefinitely but thankfully Minas saw its potential and elevated it beyond what I had ever imagined."

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Friday, 3 April 2020

Odd Mob releases a new song ‘Bad Moon’, featuring Kameron Alexander

In time for his second North American headline tour, acclaimed Brisbane producer Odd Mob releases a hypnotic new track ‘Bad Moon’, on Tinted Records. Contrasting clean pop elements with glitchy production, the track successfully curates a captivating soundscape. Further complementing the track is compelling lyrics courtesy of US singer-songwriter Kameron Alexander, who is known for his work on Illenium’s ‘Pray’, Alan Walker & A$AP Rocky’s ‘Live Fast’, and a collaborator on Peking Duk records.

Discussing how the song was shaped with newly learnt production techniques, Odd Mob explains, “‘Bad Moon’ really represents the evolution of my music. The lush spacey elements were made to really take you to another place. The track has a lot of elements that I have only just learned how to create over the past year. The whole imagery of the song could best be described as dancing under a full moon on a brightly lit night”.

The profound anatomy behind the lyrics proves Kameron’s songwriting talents, by drawing parallels between the struggle to escape feelings and the moon. Kameron reflects, “I’ve always felt like the moon has a great deal to do with every form that the creative process may take. This song is about a waxing and waning relationship that’s experiencing difficult daily circumstances. Circumstances are simply difficult sometimes, in these moments, seeing things eye-to-eye may feel impossible, but with a little will power (“supercharged” from the moon’s energy perhaps in this case) one can power through the rough until the next moon cycle.”

The genre-defying producer had been riding an upwards trajectory since he began releasing music in 2015, soon after charting in triple j’s Hottest 100 and becoming an eminent force in the Australian dance community. The much-loved artist is known for showcasing his personality and engaging fans through his quirky social content, whilst continuing to deliver his unique electronic sound. Over the years, Odd Mob has achieved success in various facets of the Australian music scene, with his single ‘Into You feat. Starley’ holding the #1 spot on the ARIA Club Chart for a mammoth 7 weeks straight and multi-million streaming singles ‘Down For Love’ and ‘Intrinsic’, both receiving an abundance of support from triple j. These releases have led the producer to garner support from the likes of Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Don Diablo and JAUZ as well as remix tracks for a multitude of dance music icons such as A-Trak, Motez, Anna Lunoe as well as New Zealand’s superstar Lorde.

2020 is looking to be a monumental year for the respected producer, seeing Odd Mob return to North America this March, following up his debut in 2019, playing to crowds across Denver, Chicago, Seattle, Vancouver, San Diego and Calgary. With the promise of his debut LP to arrive later this year, there will be plenty of new music to get around this boundary-pushing producer.

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Norwegian producer CLMD releases a new song ‘Be Happy’

6x-platinum-selling producer CLMD has marked his first release of 2020 with new single ‘Be Happy’, out now.

The single follows his last single ‘DANCE’ that accumulated over 25 million streams since its release in October 2019 and has peaked Top 10 in Norway, Top 30 in Sweden and Top 100 in Denmark and Finland.

An emotionally charged jam that’s as danceable as it is melancholic, ‘Be Happy’ is an ode to broken relationships that nevertheless conveys a message of hope. The official video shows former couples trying to pick up the pieces in that excruciating period after a breakup - a perfect visual accompaniment to the track’s themes. The unique vid is comprised of ten directors from ten different European cities’ interpretation of the song, including Oslo, Stockholm, Berlin, Paris and London.

Dubbed ‘Norway’s Finest’ by legendary DJ and broadcaster Pete Tong, CLMD has previously built up an insatiable back-catalogue of both original productions, and reworks, tackling remix duties for the likes of Bruno Mars, Estelle, Nervo, and Arty.

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