Monday, 29 June 2020

Singer-songwriter Jamie Mathias shares ‘Better Man’ video

Jamie Mathias has released the video for his brand new single ‘Better Man’. The new song from the Brighton-based singer/songwriter is a deeply honest pop track inspired by a troubled childhood upbringing.

The stunning video, which premiered with CLASH, is shot in sweeping breath-taking landscapes as Jamie is seen lending a caring and supportive role to the younger generation of his family.

Regarding the single Jamie says, “‘Better Man’ is a very personal song about my own experience growing up as a child around abuse and addiction. It reflects my very strong feelings about not wanting to go down the same path as my father and make the same mistakes. Ultimately I want to be a “Better Man” and when I decide to become a father, I want to provide the best possible life for my future children.”

‘Better Man’ follows the release of Jamie’s recent single ‘Love Ourselves’ earlier this year, which focused on the damaging effects social media can have on mental health, with all profits from the single donated to the charity Samaritans. The song proved a hit and topped the iTunes Singer/Songwriter Chart, while it also peaked at No.21 in the iTunes main singles chart.

The latest songs demonstrate a new side to Jamie Mathias since the release of his last album The Great Escape in 2017, which cracked the Top 40 Album Chart in its first week and reached No.1 on the iTunes Singer / Songwriter Chart.

Jamie’s new music puts his songwriting and in-depth lyricism at the forefront as he addresses important issues, while putting an anthemic touch to his acoustic guitar pop.

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DJ Regard & singer RAYE share neo-noir music video

Created in lockdown, the official video for ‘Secrets’ has drawn comparisons to neo-noir cult classic Drive, with a mysterious masked crusader skilfully navigating the late-night city streets by motorbike. It later shows the driver weaving through traffic in pursuit of a retro car that’s trying to make its getaway. The video is also a sequel to that of previous single ‘Ride It’, taking the audience further into this dark, moonlit world.  We see Regard as the driver weaving through traffic in pursuit of the car seen in the ‘Ride It’ video trying to make its getaway.

The release of the official video follows the recent ‘Garden Acoustic Version’, a stunning rendition of ‘Secrets’ that replaces the electronic elements with delicate piano chords, allowing RAYE’s captivating vocals to take centre stage.

A certified smash, the original has amassed 40 million streams combined since its April release, has been playlisted across Capital FM, Radio 1, Kiss FM and currently sits at #8 in the Official UK Charts.

Kosovan DJ and producer Regard garnered global attention with his debut single ‘Ride It’ - a rework of hip-hop star Jay Sean’s track of the same name - which became an international hit, taking the internet and Tik Tok by storm, achieving over ten Top 10 single chart placements globally, including #2 in the UK where it is now certified platinum. To date, the track has amassed 700 million combined streams across Spotify and Apple Music, 3.5 million worldwide sales and topped the international streaming and Shazam charts.

Since the success of ‘Ride It’, Regard has gone onto remix world famous popstar Dua Lipa’s single ‘Don’t Start Now’, and supported Sigala on his 2019-2020 tour, with his own tour dates to be announced soon.

South London based singer-songwriter RAYE has notched up over 1 billion streams and has a double Platinum, Gold and two Silver singles under her belt. She gained international recognition from her feature on Jax Jones’ hit ‘You Don’t Know Me’ which amassed over 456 million Spotify streams, and has since been releasing chart topping music with artists such as Jess Glynne, Mr Eazi, Martin Solveig and most recently David Guetta on their collaborative track ‘Stay’.

Composed of gripping, slick shots, the official video for ‘Secrets’ provides a perfect visual accompaniment for the retro-sounding track.

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Friday, 19 June 2020

Getting to know electro-pop duo SACRE

Duo SACRE have just shared their new alternative music video for their song ‘03:00 AM MONSTER GAME’, and it is made up of the ingredients of nightmares, with its oddball visuals. The brains behind SACRE is music producer Hawaii and musician Sukil. Their sound fluctuates from the psychedelic flow of modern indie-pop acts like Tame Impala, and Jungle, to the more electronic & avant-garde approach of SebastiAn as well as the timeless charm of Rodriguez and The Beach Boys.

We talk to the dynamic duo about what is to come, like their forthcoming album: LOVE REVOLUTION below!

The music video for ‘03:00AM MONSTER GAME’ is filled with striking visuals and romantic lyrics. What was your favourite part of the filming for this music video?

The very end, when the hand holds the rose. We think the image of a fragile flower burning in the flames is exactly the idea of this piece: telling a consuming passion.

Looking back, what were some of your earliest entries into music appreciation? And music production?

Sukil: I entered the conservatory at six years old to study piano and classical music. But I really felt a connexion with music later, when I understood what and who I was playing.

Hawaii: My first encounter with music was the Star Wars soundtrack. After that, I started to play and listen carefully to each piece of music. I was a child but I was already trying to isolate the different elements of a mix ... I think we can say that it was my first steps in production!

What are some of your key musical influences?

Hawaii: Movie soundtracks, classical, minimal, pop, and electro.

Sukil: Classical music, psychedelic rock, techno, soul, and electronic music.

If you could paint a picture of your unique sound, what would it look like?

Hawaii: Something colorful, from blue to yellow like the Sagrada Familia, with a lot of tropical nature.

Sukil: It could be like « The Coronation of Napoleon » of Jacques-Louis David but with a panther instead of the emperor.

Take us through your songwriting process. Are there any particular steps you take when putting music together?

Yes, there are! For this album, we wrote a whole story before composing the songs. We wanted each track to reflect a character, most of the time inspired by mythology. And because we both compose the songs, it really helped us to be in the same state of mind at every moment. It was like entering another dimension where all our ideas were going in the same direction.

What gets your creative juices flowing?

Sukil: Creating is like breathing. I need it every day otherwise I become irritable.

Hawaii: Love

As an artist, it becomes apparent that there is a huge difference between the art and the business. Is there anything about the music scene that you would personally change?

We are independent so we’re not only in creativity but also in business affairs. And every day it’s the same way. Fortunately, we are passionate people and we try to inject love into each of our working relationships, which puts business slightly in the background. As far as we are concerned we are fine like that!

Tell us about the chemistry you have with your fans on stage.

In the next interview? Our next gig is in London, the 9th of April 2021

What is the most memorable response you have had to your music?

Sukil: While releasing the first singles of the album this year, we received a message from an English guy saying that he listened to our music everyday and that it helped him to pass through the trials of this year. At this very moment, I realized that our music could cure, something so huge that I would have never dare for our music.

Hawaii: A few months ago, my best friend living in L.A sent me a video of his neighbors having an outdoor party with « 10:00PM FIRE IRAE » loud in the speakers. It burned my brain.

What would you like to achieve with your music? What does success look like to you?

Sukil: The success is already there when we put the best of ourselves on each song we write. By experimenting with new things, by questioning ourselves, we try to be as creative as possible to advance the music…

Hawaii: Success looks like a place where you spend more time creating and less time to manage things you don’t care that much.

What's on your current playlist?

‘Neu Roses’ (Transgressor’s song)
‘Vem Me Satisfazer’ - MC Ingryd, DJ Henrique
‘Navajo’ - Masego
‘Chouchin’ - Meitei
‘Iron Man’ - Rema

Your upcoming album - which harnesses music, photography and storytelling all in one cohesive project - will soon be officially released. What impression are you hoping to leave with your fans, once they’ve experienced the full album in its complete form?

We would like people to escape reality for a moment and experience something else, elsewhere during the album. That's why we built this album as a continuity, with no space between songs. This is also why we created a lot of details around the songs with the narration and the photos.

Breakdown the news for us: what can we expect from you in the near future?

We are working on 3 music videos that we will release in the next weeks (as soon as we finish them in fact), we are also preparing live sessions and starting to work around the stage for next year!

Famous last words?

« Live free, don’t join » Solo: A star wars story - Ron Howard

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Soul & funk musician ADELINE confirms new EP

French-Caribbean singer - ADELINE - confirms the release of a new EP:  Intérimes, on 10 July 2020.

7 Songs of future facing, genre-transcending pop of the highest calibre, Intérimes is further confirmation of an artist daring to break the mould and destined for greatness.

Teasing a taste of the incoming EP, Adeline has revealed three of its many highlights: the sultry ‘Middle’, plus most recently the dusky slow-jam of ‘Twilight’ and the disco-flecked strut of: ‘After Midnight’; the latter of which both arrive with intoxicating videos.
Announcing herself as a blinding new light on the Funk and neo-Soul scene with her s/t debut in 2018, Adeline is returning in 2020 with a remarkable new collection. Forging platinum pop from a white-hot crucible of styles and genres, the songs of her new EP Intérimes each shine irridescently with the sounds of funk/soul/neo-soul/R&B and so much more.

“This EP feels like a new chapter musically.” says Adeline. “I’ve evolved a lot as a producer and songwriter in part from performing live so much with my band. The music is a lot more organic, almost all live instruments which is why the music can feel a bit old school at times. I went back to my roots in soul, neo-soul, funk and R&B.”

With its title translating to English as “in the meantime”, each track on the EP seeks to capture the ambience of a different time of the day. From the lazy-morning leanings of  ‘Just Another Day’; to the sultry, nocturnal reflections of ‘Twilight’; the late-night grooves of ‘After Midnight’; and the languid, down-tempo jams of ‘Planet Caravan’ (a radically re-worked Black Sabbath cover) and ‘Si C’est Pour Jamais’; it’s a release that sees Adeline take listeners through an unforgettable day-in-the life they will be yearning to relive again and again.

“I wanted something that has to do with time.” Adeline adds. “All the songs on the EP have to do with different times of the day... It also represents conflict, the feeling of being “in between” as is portrayed in a few songs on the EP.”

Inspired by the complexities and nuances of love in all its expressions, from the impossible, to fading, to complicated, to new, to hidden, and whimsical; lyrically the EP finds Adeline reaching into her soul and exploring deep, personal and reflective new territory as a songwriter.
“I wrote from a more personal place than before” she muses. “I am still working on finding the balance between the performer, the songwriter, the singer, the bass player and the producer. Each one of them is a side of me that takes part in the creation of the music and I feel happy that I was able to create a bed of music that could lend itself to that sort of emotion.”

Since leaving her post as lead singer of nu-disco outfit Escort, Adeline has quickly proven herself to be one of the hardest working women in music. A prolific singer, songwriter, and bass player who produces her own music (with co-producer Morgan Wiley), she is “never not working”. With her luxurious voice, head-spinning compositions, funky bass playing, renegade personal style, and hypnotic live shows; Adeline has already gained a reputation and fanbase across the globe.

Released in 2018, Adeline’s critically acclaimed self-titled debut album garnered praise from Vogue, NPR, Refinery 29, Rolling Stone, The Fader and many others. She has toured globally, sharing the stage with such notables as Anderson .Paak, Lee Fields, Chromeo, Big Freeda and Natalie Prass, as well as making recent appearances at Afropunk, Funk on the Rocks (Red Rocks) and Winter Jazz Fest. When she’s not making and touring her own music, Adeline plays bass in CeeLo Green’s touring band.

Already a rising name in the fashion world too, Adeline recently featured in Victor Glemaud’s Fall 20 size-inclusive fashion collection, launched via a virtual party featuring Adeline, models @preciousleexoxo and @indira, and art curator @mu-seummammy, all dancing to another new Adeline single, “Middle”. She is also featured in the new Marc Fisher “Step + Repeat” fashion campaign and performed as part of the COLORSxSTU- DIOS “HOME/BRED” video series earlier this year.

During a turbulent few weeks for America and the wider the world, Adeline has also thrown herself fully into the Black Lives Matters campaign. Standing shoulder to shoulder with millions of others in the fight against racism, Adeline has taken to the streets of New York to passionately protest and perform. As a Black Parisienne living in Brooklyn, the prejudices brought to light in recent days have cut deeply, with the artist vocally discussing her own experiences in a recent appearance on the Twisted Times podcast and on Instagram.

Ready to soundtrack a long, hot summer ahead, with an effervescing collection of new tracks, Adeline will release the Intérimes EP on the 10 July 2020.

With all tracks produced by Adeline and her production partner Morgan Wiley, ‘Twilight’ and ‘After Midnight’ were co-written with Jonathan Singletary. The EP also features the steady playing of Jaleel Bunton on guitar and Jim Orso on drums, with Adeline laying down the bass.


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Electronic pop duo 0171 announce new EP

Hackney, London based duo 0171 have announced the release of their second EP ‘Change Nothing’, out August 14th. They’re also today sharing new single “Follow”. Widely praised for their futuristic, experimental approach to electronic pop, the new single follows the previously released “Automatic”.

Consisting of producers/singers Joe Bedell-Brill and Georgie Hoare, 0171 are breaking down societal conundrums and complexities; all played out to a backdrop of innovative, technology-warped pop.

On “Follow” the duo were inspired by the relentlessly positive vibe of classic 90s pop (the music of their childhood). “Songs like ‘Sex On The Beach’ or Vengaboys’ ‘We Like To Party’ come to mind; but we wanted to push those pop fantasies until they became sinister”, Joe and Georgie said on the new single.

“Vacation, vibration / I’m happy when it kills me”, Joe sings on the refrain amidst eerie electronics, lilting guitar lines and chaotic percussion. “Follow is a fantasy”, 0171 went on to say. “It’s all about a longing to just let go and believe that everything’s fine, everything’s perfect, even if you know it’s a lie. This is the fantasy world that pop music provides - a world where you really can just take someone’s hand and drive off into the sunset with the top down. We know it’s fake, but we might as well believe in it.”

The video for the track was made in lockdown by the band’s longterm collaborator and friend Jake Alden-Falconer. Recreating a world of fantasy through the use of stock footage, the video is centred around a man who sinks so deep into the internet he blurs the line between himself and the perfectly happy people he finds online.

New single “Follow” is lifted from 0171’s forthcoming second EP ‘Change Nothing’, the follow-up to their acclaimed (Dazed, Noisey/VICE, The Fader,  i-D, Gorilla vs Bear, Highsnobiety) debut EP ‘Red Light’.

Borne out of frustration, the new EP explores feelings of stasis, the struggle between clinging on to what brings you down, and ultimately just letting go.

0171’s new single “Follow” is out now. New EP ‘Change Nothing’ is out August 14th.

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Electronic musician Marcus James releases new song ‘Honest’

Image: Hayden Gullins

Music producer and instrumentalist Marcus James recently wrote and produced his new single ‘Honest’. BSMNT Club add their thoughts on the new Marcus James single, “Marcus James speaks does not hold back on the truth in his lyrics of what goes unsaid when two people drift apart.”

Marcus James shares his thoughts, “When I wrote the lyrics to Honest I was a little obsessed with capturing the image of the space in between two people as they drift apart from one another. When that space begins to hollow out it feels as if there’s a silent conversation happening, made of everything not being said out loud. There are some autobiographical lines, especially the portrayal of a night spent watching the snowfall and hearing nothing but the sounds of trains and cars. If you listen closely throughout the song you’ll hear some sounds from the train station in the distance that I recorded on my iPhone by sticking my arm out the apartment window.”

Marcus James uses the issue of time differences and space as a barrier between a relationship, but truthfully it boils down to the emotional distance between the two lovers. 

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Thursday, 18 June 2020

Songstress MALKA releases hopeful music video

Scottish multi-instrumentalist MALKA has released the video for her new single ‘A New World’. A hopeful song that looks to a bright future, it features glimmering synths and percussion over a brooding bassline as MALKA’s vocals fly high within.

The animated video has been created during lockdown and features an innocent traveller lost at sea as wondrously ethereal happenings present themselves around her to result in a safe journey.

Regarding the single MALKA says, “‘A New World’ was written about my return to Glasgow from London with my family. We had a tough time in the early days of being here and I was looking to the future, knowing that as long as we had each other things would be brighter.

“It felt right to release the single now as, although the song was written about a different time, I think for many of us we feel like we are entering something of a new world right now. This song feels like it represents my feelings about the current climate as much as it did in that previous world, when I first wrote it.

“The video was created when lockdown came about and I was not able to go and shoot a video in person. The animated character is searching for a place of safety, escaping the stormy weather – it feels very much like where we are in life right now, all hoping for a brighter future."

‘A New World’ is the latest single to be taken from MALKA’s latest album I’m Not Your Soldier. The album was released earlier this year and proved a favourite at BBC 6Music with great support across the station from Steve Lamacq, Amy Lamé, Chris Hawkins and Lauren Laverne. It also found a big fan at Radio 1 in Huw Stephens.

I’m Not Your Soldier is produced by Paul Savage (Mogwai, Franz Ferdinand, King Creosote) and is a reflective record that finds MALKA at her most personal yet.

At the core of MALKA’s work is honest songwriting. Whether that is day-glo, clattering brilliance or a pared-down hymnal for bedtime, MALKA always remains true to herself. I’m Not Your Soldier confirms a talent for all seasons and the positive energy in herself and her music is refreshing and welcome in today’s world.

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Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Phenomenal music producers Duo-Tone share new lyric video

Sense of Sound Singers is an award winning collective of phenomenal vocalists, renowned for delighting and thrilling audiences locally, nationally and internationally. Their incredible talent has been recognised across the UK and beyond, leading them to become the resident singers for ​Cream Classical and perform backing vocals for many big names. According to the choir’s ​creative dynamo, ​Jennifer John​, the new single is packed with ​“Feel-good Disco vibes” which is exactly ​“what Sense of Sound love to do”. O​ver the past 12 months they have continued to grow and expand on all fronts.

After establishing club nights in Liverpool, ​Duo-Tone then went on to strengthen the brand with an eclectic mix of consecutive House, Electronic and Nu-Disco releases. Recent singles came from the likes of ​KOVA (which hit the ​Upfront Club Charts Top 10​) and ​Josh Hunter (which has received extensive support from ​Radio 1 and ​KISS FM​). They have now expanded beyond their label/event format to present their own tracks, collaborating with the best new talent, under the name of ​Duo-Tone Productions​.

Sense of Sound Singers previously collaborated with ​Duo-Tone Productions to reinvent the ​Aly-Us classic ​‘Follow Me’​. The track was later remixed by Swedish beat-master ​OPOLOPO​, landing a ​Top 10 position in the ​UK Music Week Club Charts ​and earning a place on the ​‘Take Me To Church’ compilation from Midnight Riot Records​. This time however, they have been allowed to fully express their creativity and help concoct this fully original track flavoured with Disco rhythms.

‘Time and Time Again’ utilises the dynamic skill sets of both ​Duo-Tone Productions and ​Sense of Sound Singers​, pairing their complementary sounds to create a unique Dance blend. The deep, suspending intro dives into a captivating beat that acts as a platform for the choir to show their quality. The upbeat vibes and heartfelt lyrics tap into the philosophies of the vocal collective and show their tremendous power once again. After the success of their previous collaboration, this track looks set to sail even higher with this sensational new release. ​
Of the new track, Jennifer John, Manager & Creative Director of the Sense of Sound Singers says:

“We are forever evolving and love all different styles of music and performance experiences. We've worked alongside so many different types of artists/events from Niles Rodgers and Chic through to Cream Classical and Paloma Faith so we love a touch of the theatrical, flamboyance and fun. Most importantly we definitely love to party!”

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Electro-pop duo Sacre shares bold music video

Image: Thomas Braut

Duo Sacre have shared their new visually striking music video for their song  ‘03:00AM MONSTER GAME’. Directed by  Louisiane Trotobas Sacre comment: “We love to collaborate with other artists. When Louisiane proposed to us her view of the film we knew it will be a very personal approach, we like that a lot.”

Director Louisiane Trotobas adds: “This music video tells a story of impossibility within love, intimacy, and self-love. The idea of the 'monster game' is here portrayed as a chase. The video starts with a shot on two hands playing rock paper scissors; one loses: the game begins. As the character reaches the end of the ribbon, it realizes that when love is impossible, the only way out is to face yourself.” Sacre comment: “We love to collaborate with other artists. When Louisiane proposed to us her view of the film we knew it will be a very personal approach, we like that a lot.”

Sacre are known for their bold and quirky style, from their music to their dress sense. The music video features a  harsh colour scheme which contrasts with the delicate subject matter of matters of the heart and self-love. This video will satisfy the broken and disrupt the hopeless romantic.


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Thursday, 11 June 2020

Park Hye Jin releases new dreamlike house song

Recently hailed as “one of the breakout stars of the past year” by Mixmag, “How can I” comes off the back of an incredible 18 months that have seen 박 Park (surname) 혜진 Hye Jin (first name) go from releasing her debut EP to playing shows at legendary venues such as Berlin’s Panorama Bar and Ibiza’s DC-10, with bookings at big international festivals like Primavera, Dour—a particular highlight for her, Melt, 88RISING's ‘HEAD IN THE CLOUDS’, and a personal invite to play alongside Jamie xx in London last year. With additional praise from Pitchfork who described her music as "an ocean of subtle feelings and delicately complex club music”, and with further support from the likes of Bandcamp, i-D, Hypebeast, Boiler Room, FADER, Dazed and as one of the 'Best New Artists: 2020' by OnesToWatch, 박혜진 Park Hye Jin is poised to establish herself as one of the new key players in electronic music throughout 2020 and beyond.

The six tracks on “How can I”—completed over the course of 2019, primarily in transit as she travelled for the first time across Europe, North America and Australia—showcase the multitude of styles and influences that have come to be encapsulated in her output to date. On ‘Like this’ she pairs her own vocals over dream-like pads and grainy, driving rhythms. Elsewhere, the moody techno of ‘NO’ and footwork inspired ‘How come’ demonstrate an artist who is comfortable with pushing her own boundaries and moving definitively beyond any notions of categorisation. No matter in which direction they move, the tracks on “How can I” are imbued with subtlety and emotion, “I love you, and I fucking hate you // can you be my babe?” she sings on the upbeat ‘Can you’, before lowering the tempo with title track ‘How can I’, and rounding-off the EP off with the bright synth melodies of the mostly instrumental ‘Beautiful’.

Written as it was in 2019, it would have been impossible to conceive the circumstances in which this EP would come to be released. For Hye Jin though, it was important that she release the music as soon as possible, noting, pragmatically: “who knows if I might die tomorrow, but at least if that happens, I'll die really happy.” Marking her first solo output since that 2018 debut, she was also acutely aware of the expectations of her fans, leaving them with a simple message, “Thank you for waiting. I appreciate you.”

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DJ Burak Yeter shares debut song with the label CONTROVERSIA

Turkish-Dutch DJ Burak Yeter makes his debut on Alok’s CONTROVERSIA record label with new single ‘Fly Away’, featuring Emie, Lusia Chebotina and Everthe8.

Deep, vocal-led and bass-heavy, ‘Fly Away’ elegantly treads the line between a club-ready dance track and chart-ascending pop jam - with the vocals of  Emie, Lusia Chebotina and Everthe8 helping elevate the track to the next level.

Bursting onto the scene with a noteworthy performance at MTV Dance Floor Chart Party in Malta, Burak has acquired a loyal fanbase across the globe and has released music on globally-renowned labels Spinnin’ Records, Armada as well as his own Connection Records imprint. His biggest hit "Tuesday" (over 377 million streams) was the 10th most Shazamed song worldwide in 2017 after becoming a global radio and club phenomena, that continues to this day via recurrent radio airplay worldwide. Following the success of "Tuesday," his next single, "My Life Is Going On" (featuring Cecilia Krull) from the well known Netflix series "La Casa de Papel", became his second worldwide success, hit the #1 in multiple countries and has accumulated over 31 million streams to date. He also kicked off the new decade by collaborating with dance music legend Benny Benassi and Saint Wilder on single ‘Just Miss Love’.

CONTROVERSIA was launched in June of last year, with label boss Alok delivering the maiden release with Pink Floyd-sampling single ‘The Wall’. The label has since put out over ten releases from the likes of Sevenn, Bhaskar, HUGEL, Felguk and more. CONTROVERSIA also saw a series of astounding releases from Alok including ‘Free My Mind’ with Rooftime and Dubdogz (over 6 million streams), ‘I Don’t Wanna Talk’ feat. Amber Van Day and ‘Tell Me Why’. Already garnering huge news support online with CONTROVERSIA’s latest releases ‘OK’ and ‘Waiting’, the forthcoming single ‘Fly Away’ will maintain the momentum of substantial releases to come from Alok’s imprint.

‘Fly Away’ sees CONTROVERSIA continue with its tried and tested formula of epic collaborations between serious dance music talents.

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